Currency is a professional network for the sharing of economic opportunity in Los Angeles. Our forums explore the intersection of technology, business and culture. We work to generate connections between individuals and across industries via our combination of live programs and online tools. Join our membership to become part of the exchange.


Ideas come from drawing new connections. Translating these fresh concepts into actual products further requires a diversity of perspectives.


Growth in dynamic fields require a diversity of skills and experience. Our aim is to organize qualified new connections to enable successful collaboration.


New methods of thinking and working must be met with modern formats for connecting and conferencing. Ours is a focused experience for busy professionals.



About Currency

The rise of the information economy has sparked an unprecedented shift in responsibility from the company to the individual. In order to make the most of our careers, we must invest in ourselves. Currency is that investment: a robust networking platform that combines traditional in-person events with today’s digital connectivity. Comprised of engaged professionals and entrepreneurs who aspire to take their work to the next level, Currency aims to compound innovation through the contextual exchange of ideas and resources across divergent industries.

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