Currency is a professional network for the sharing of economic opportunity in Los Angeles. Our forums explore the intersection of technology, business and culture. We work to generate connections between individuals and across industries via our combination of live programs and online tools. Join our membership to become part of the exchange.

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Join our mailing list to receive announcements about upcoming public events in Los Angeles. Held quarterly each forum explores a trend at the intersection of technology and business. Our format features analysis by an industry observer followed by two speakers representing companies in the space. The program concludes with an interactive whiteboard session involving the audience and presenters exploring the core ideas from the presentations.

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Currency Platform

We are launching a private online network for professionals in Los Angeles. Our goal is to leverage a calendar of events, user profiles and short news stories to interweave a diverse community of committed peers.

There is no fee to join. When you cancel your membership your data will be erased. We do not share your information outside of the platform.


Currency Profile

All participants are asked to complete a profile survey and a few questions about your professional experience. The survey is a series of multiple choice questions and takes 10 minutes to complete.

The results of the survey convey give metrics to your level of interest in four areas of work, as correlated statistically with a baseline for the Currency community. The four areas are; Inventiveness, Social, Decisiveness and Process.

Your scores are released first to you in an email you will receive from us within a few days. If you choose to join Currency, your scores are part of your profile on our private network. The goal of the Currency profile scores is to support constructive collaboration between members and a dialogue around ‘human capital’ as central to the success of new ventures and individual careers.

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