Currency is a professional network for the sharing of economic opportunity in Los Angeles. Our forums explore the intersection of technology, business and culture. We work to generate connections between individuals and across industries via our combination of live programs and online tools. Join our membership to become part of the exchange.

About Currency

The rise of the information economy has sparked an unprecedented shift in responsibility from the company to the individual. In order to make the most of our careers, we must invest in ourselves. Currency is that investment: a robust networking platform that combines traditional in-person events with today’s digital connectivity. Comprised of engaged professionals and entrepreneurs who aspire to take their work to the next level, Currency aims to compound innovation through the contextual exchange of ideas and resources across divergent industries.

Currency // Human Capital Marketspace

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Adam Mefford / Founder

Benjamin Ariff / Digital Media

Russel Singer / Content Research

Professional Collaborators

Michele Lu Kumar / Priya PR

Alex Merino / Merino Yebri, LLP

Cynthia Harrington / Behavioral Economics Consultant

Tony DiZinno / Di Zinno Photo + Film

Board of Advisors

Dave Muyres / Johnson Controls

Sean Arian / EOS Consulting

David Lai / Hello Design


Creation Story

A lifelong interest in creativity led Adam Mefford to study Industrial Design at Art Center. While a student, he developed a sense of mission to elevate the role of designers in society, and especially in business.

He realized that designers must become well versed in the context of business as it applies to their contributions. It became clear that business benefits most when design is integral to the process, and the opportunity for this exists only at the start of new companies.

Entrepreneurship therefore became his focus. What are the human factors in the business equation, and what inspires people to give their best efforts and continue learning in order to design a successful organization? His answer came in the importance of drawing upon many perspectives to solve a problem and the role community can play in the evolution of an idea.

To this aim, Adam began building Currency to developing a network of talented people to support the success of his peers and their companies. The emblem depicts the sun and strength of the culture of Los Angeles, as well as the heart and passion it takes to make a living from one's dreams.

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.

— Albert Einstein

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